Martin Kleimeier, M.Sc.
Digital Marketing Consultant — For Exceptional Mid-To-Large Service Businesses Hungry To Grow Without Hopes And Prayers. 🤞✨
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Growing Michael Pfeffer Into Germany's Favored Personal Brand In The Health Insurance Industry.
Vorsorgebüro Pfeffer
I admire Martin's ambition and quality standards in developing and executing all our online marketing, branding and sales strategies.
He constantly challenges the status quo with a wealth of experience that our team is grateful to draw on.
Michael Pfeffer
Growing FTI-Andersch Into Germany's Favored Employer Brand In The Consulting Industry.
Andersch AG
I have been working with Martin on strategy and execution of online recruiting campaigns for 2 years and he has exceeded our expectations from the start.
Martin combines extensive knowledge from marketing and sales. He is very data-driven and always makes sure that everyone is aligned.
Jacqueline Krüger
Recruiting Manager
Growing Marmot Finance into Switzerland's Favored Investment Platform for Females.
Marmot Investment Office AG
Martin has a very strategic vision and high standards when it comes to setting and achieving our advertising goals.
I particularly like his availability and openness towards team members from different departments, which makes working together very pleasant and efficient.
Tom Kümmeke
Growing UPSCALE into Europe's Favored Interior Design Platform for B2C and B2B.
Upscale Interiors AG
Martin doesn't really let himself be pigeonholed. He has a flair for recognizing our bottlenecks and solving them quickly.
We have developed a strong partnership and his dedication to our marketing is evident in all aspects of growth.
Carina Kümmeke